Special Good Night Messages: Text Words or Lines to say Sweet Dreams

Special Good Night Messages: Text Words or Lines to say Sweet Dreams – Good night messages can bring delight to someone before they call it a day and hit the sack. Sweet good night messages and romantic good night sms text messages would surely wash away the tiredness of your special someone after a long day. Here are some good night sms messages, good night love message and good night text messages that you can use and send.

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Special Good Night Messages

Good night and sweet dreams which may come true tomorrow.

May the darkness of this night blot away all the darkness of your life, to fill your life with new light tomorrow.
Good night and see you tomorrow on a fresh day!


May sleep help you to forget all the problems of life for these hours of night and see the best dreams. Good night for lovely dreams!


Open your heart for dreams which will show your hopes for a better tomorrow.
Good night and wish for a better tomorrow!


Night is to wipe out the worries of today, which will become ‘yesterday’ at the break of dawn tomorrow.
So Good Night for starting a fresh day tomorrow!

Today’s stormy day is over with this night, so let’s hope to face a better sunny day tomorrow as rains do not go on forever.
With this hope I wish you Good Night!


Do not cry over whatever or whoever you have lost, tomorrow may bring new happiness that you have never even imagined.
So Good night and get ready for a happier tomorrow!


When the sun has gone for rest in the west, birds have returned to their nests, you should rest at peace now.
Good Night for a peaceful rest at this lovely weather!


Dreams show you the way of your life, so just need to follow them after you wake up next morning.
Good Night!
A good sleep is answer to many ailments, so
Good Night with a long and sound sleep!

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Sweet Good Night Messages

  1. Good night and sweet sleep, so that you may enter a fantasy world of dreams of your very own.
  2. Some may say that dreams are worthless, but life goes ahead rolling on dreams only.
    So Good night and the best dreams for you!
  3. Dream fairies will visit me faster, after I wish you very Good Night with best sleep and happiest dreams.
  4. May magical dreams unite fantasy and reality for you, which will fill up your mind and soul with new energy for tomorrow. So Good Night!
  5. Night gives you a chance to explore a new world – the dream world where you do whatever you want, unlike the reality! Good night and best wishes for your new adventure in dreams. 😀
  6. It’s a Good Night message from your good friend at this good time,
    which will put you in a good mood. Ready for a good sleep now?
  7. May the angels listen to your wishes and fulfill them by stealth this night.
    Good night and wish you a fulfilled new day!

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Romantic Good Night Messages

  1. When I see the moon smiling at me, reminds me at once of your brighter and sweeter smile.
    Good night my dear!
  2. As the twinkling stars reign over the dark sky, still quietness reigns over the night, your memory reigns in my mind forever.
    So I wish you very Good Night!
  3. Love may interrupt your dreams, as this feeling is sweeter than your sweetest dreams.
    So loving Good nights wish from me for a beautiful night!
  4. My day is not yet over as I still have an important work to finish; I need to convey my love through this message.
    Good Night!
  5. Good Night and sleep fast, so that I can come to meet you in your dream like a superhero!
  6. When I feel bored at this lonely night, just your thoughts cheer me up!
    So Good Night dear, with hope of getting a glimpse of you tomorrow.

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Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

  1. When the night breeze touches you, imagine them to be soft kisses from me, wish I could be with you now.
    Good night sweetheart!
  2. The twinkle of the stars above is nothing compared to the shine of your eyes when they see me!
  3. Longing to see those lovely eyes again tomorrow, so Good Night my beloved!
  4. You are a blessing of God for me who has changed my life so lovingly.
    So I wish you a most lovely night with best dreams!
  5. Good Night my sweet love! Hope to kiss you good night very soon when you will be with me while sleeping too.
  6. You are the song of my heart, so ring all through the night in my dreams too till I meet you again tomorrow.
    Good Night my dear Lady!
  7. Wish I could see the smile on your lips, when you are reading my message!
    Good Night to my special lady.

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Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

  1. Waiting for a new day to be with you again.
    So for now Good Night my love!
  2. Wish I could walk on and on with you on this romantic night, missing you so much now.
    Good night with a hope to see you very soon!
  3. The night seems to be too long without you, but I cannot stand to miss you so long.
    So now wish you very Good Night, with a hope to meet you in my dreams!
  4. This SMS is to show you my care and love for you, how much you are on my mind now.
    Good Night love!
  5. The peace of this night makes me feel more how much you are for me!
    So thought to wish Good night to the man of my life.
  6. When I close my eyes for a sleep, YOU come before the eyes of my mind!
    It indicates that you are the only man I care for. So Good Night to my handsome!!

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Good Night Text Words or Lines to say Sweet Dreams

Though the light of day has died out, but darkness of this night will bring more lighted and colorful dreams for you.
Good Night!


Enjoy a movie in your dreams which is directed by God and acted by
the fairies who know your mind better than yourself,
you may even find yourself as a hero there!
So Good Night and sleep fast.


So finally night is here to give rest to your tired eyes,
better retire to your soft bed now and prepare to enter the world of soothing dreams.
Good Night for a good rest now!


See a special face in your dreams, with special smile for you.
So Good Night with this especially sweet dream!


See the moon sailing through the night sky to shower its silvery rays on you,
it will shine brighter in your dreams to fill you with more light.
Good night for a sweet experience!


Close your eyes and wait for a surprise now!
GOOD NIGHT this is the special surprise –
of me wishing you at this late hour of night!


The fairies of dreamland are ready to take you to their wonderland,
just board on the flight of sleep and there you go.
Good Night for a fun-filled tour of dreamland!

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