Good Night Wishes for Husband – Goodnight Quotes for Hubby

Unique and Beautiful Good Night Wishes for Husband, Best Goodnight quotes for hubby or someone special with images. If true love had a name, it would be yours because you are both the same. If true love was a person it would be you, because guys like you are very few. Happiness and care seem to be in your domain, because it seems you are an expert in shielding me from pain. Good night my love.

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Good Night Wishes for Husband

Whenever I wanted a shoulder to lean on,
you have always been there.
It is because of you,
that my life doesn’t even have a trace of despair.
Good night love.

I wish that the dreams you see are just as
sweet and cute as you are.
Good night I Love You.

Morning or evening –
looking at you always make my heart sing.
Night or day –
looking at you drives all my worries away.
Good night Sweet Dreams.

Good Night My Love Images

As my friend, you are the best.
As my lover, you are the only one.
Good night Sweety.

Before you fall asleep
I just want you to know that my life is
just perfect the way it is.
Having you as my husband and
the children of my father –
there is no other way
I would have ever wanted it to be.
Good night.

The only thing
I would want to change in my life is NOTHING.
Because with you as my husband,
Good night darling.

Romantic Good Night my Love - Tonight I am going to sleep earlier

If my life was a pizza,
you would be the cheese.
If my life was a mug, you would be the coffee.
If my life was the ocean, you would be the water.
But since my life is the way it is, you are my husband –
making it complete in every way.
Good night Sweet heart.

Life will have its ups and downs.
Our marriage will have its highs and lows.
But no matter what happens,
we will always make our love grow.
Good night.

Good Night Wishes For Husband

I am glad you are not one of those men
who change after marriage because you are perfect the way you have always been.
Good night my love.

All my problems, all my worries,
just melt away when you smother me with your kisses.
Good night my best hubby.

Good Night Pictures, Wishes, Images

The universe might be made up of the moon,
the stars, the sun and the planet.
But there is just one thing in my universe and it’s YOU.
Good night baby.

Thanks to you, every night when I close my eyes
I just see one thing – a beautiful future.
Good night.

Good Night Messages For Husband

The sun may have set and it might have become dark,
but I am happy because I am about to cuddle up
with the man who makes my life a walk in the park.
G:) 🙂 d night.

As tired as I feel during the day,
I feel like a fairy at night because your love gives me the wings
I need to soar away into sweet dreams and the land of fantasy –
where it is just you and me.
Good night, love.


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